Discovering, creating and passing on beautiful things and thus making the world a little better is the central theme in my life.

My work experiences in London, Zurich, Milan and Offenburg had a multifaceted impact on my work. In haute couture houses in Munich and London I discovered my love for beautiful fabrics, the art of perfect proportions and exuberant fantasies. The colourful life and travelling in cosmopolitan cities allowed me to get to know and understand the abundant wealth of different cultures and beliefs.

As a fashion & feature editor in Milan, I worked with the best creative professionals and explored Bella Italia from all perspectives. The specific Italian creativity is very close to my own sense of and expression for beauty.

This creativity was also expressed in my collections of exclusive soft toys, wrap dresses and bed linen made of the best fabrics.

Teaching with needle and thread is especially close to my heart with a lot of passion and high-quality ‘ingredients’. I am convinced that I am teaching my students the most beautiful craft of the world.

Beside creating and teaching, I am inspired by the Blaue Land, Italy, Morocco, yoga, mountain hiking, fabrics from all over the world, horses, culinary delights, photography and discovering the world.

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