Creative Sewing Courses

“As a trained couture tailor, fashion editor and stylist in Germany, Great Britain and Italy, for me sewing is the entrance to unlimited creativity through fashion, accessories, and many other unique, beautiful things.

Therefore, my courses are not only about mastering stitch, seam and pattern, but also about expressing an attitude towards the beautiful things in life. As for me sewing is one of the most beautiful (and useful) crafts in the world, my working material comes from the best fabric manufacturers in Europe.“

Through this perspective, I would like to introduce you to the passion for sewing -the focus is not only on a great product, but even more so on the joy of the creative process.

I will accompany you on an exciting ‘journey’; together we will create BEAUTIFUL things with needle and thread, fabrics and braids, buttons and trimmings, rhinestones and sequins and much more from an almost inexhaustible repertoire.

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