„There are three responses to a piece of design. YES. NO. WOW.!“ – One of my favourite quotes when it comes to unique objects.
First and foremost my animal series, including many commissioned works. All of them are unique and made according to the personal preferences of the new owner.
Chimpanzees and camels, crocodiles, bears, sheep & co: “Mähhhhhhhhhh.!”.

Animal Art (

For all those who are looking for something special and individual, I have created the series: ‘Things to love’. High-quality, sustainable (natural) materials are being used. Favourite stuffed animals become more cuddly, kitchen aprons more tasteful, shopping bags more magnificent, picnic blankets more snug, shoe bags more precious, cosmetic bags more beautiful, pillow cases more opulent, mobile phone covers more elaborate, mouth-nose protection more individual. Everything is tailor made – preferably in your favourite colours or matching your new outfit.

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