“Corporate Social Engagement is essential for our planet and our fellow human beings and makes our globe a better world. Partnerships are a perfect instrument because they serve everyone. A win-win commitment.

In order to create positive changes, it sometimes takes little more than needle and thread ¬ it is the material from which ideas are cut and which makes the world more colourful and a better place.”

Our globalised world can only function through exchange on an equal footing. If people in other parts of the world are thriving too, the whole planet and all of us will benefit.

I would like to make a small contribution to positive change, with women and girls being particularly close to my heart. I want to support them, because I am convinced: when they are doing better, all our societies will benefit.
Even if it is only with needle and thread, the sewing can make a significant difference to improve the everyday lives of many women.
Let’s do it together and change the world ‘Stitch by Stitch’.

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